Reflection: Group Film Discussion

I took two things away from yesterday’s film discussion: The wide range of interpretations that can be drawn from even simple films and the power of sound. Each of us reacted strongly to each film, but often in very different ways. Some of us connected to certain aspects of particular films, while others noticed key details that had escaped the group’s mention. I left the discussion thinking about the way that kids of different backgrounds and age groups might react to these films and the possibilities that might open up from a programmatic perspective.

I was also struck by the power of sound. Professor Moen mentioned the way that the creators of “Western Spaghetti” had used sound to juxtapose the action on the screen with the objects being “prepared” and the dramatic effect that might have on the audience. I had a similar reaction to the narration and soothing background music in “Just Breathe”. I could actually feel my body reacting to some of the statements made by the narrators just because I was able to connect with them on an emotional level. Clearly the soundscape a filmmaker creates can be as important as the cinematography, setting or plot and deserves to be evaluated in its own right when considering a work of film.


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